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Green Oaks Primary Academy


RE Lead: Mrs Dickens and Mrs Reay

What does RE look like in our ACORN curriculum – INTENT & IMPLEMENTATION 

A: We learn about religious events and how they have formed today’s culture.  

C: We develop our sense of identity by learning how RE has shaped today’s society.    

O: We read about changes over time and learn about key religious concepts through our sticky vocabulary which we can then communicate in writing and orally. 

R: We understand how relationships have changed over time, including our economy, class, politics, and race.   

N: We recognise how our health has changed over time by learning about past events and attitudes. We build aspirations by learning about religious figures and how they have influenced us. We look at how individuals have navigated through difficult times and influenced the future.  



By the time our pupils leave Green Oaks, using a wide range of teaching strategies, they will have developed their wider subject knowledge of faiths. They will be developing their sense of their own beliefs and values, alongside showing respect and empathy for the views and beliefs of others.