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Green Oaks Primary Academy

Cultural Enrichment


Developing Your Child as a Whole 

We believe that learning should go beyond the classroom.  At Green Oaks Primary Academy our curriculum is not restrained by the confines of the classroom walls and we are passionate about growing young people’s cultural capital by providing a wide range of experiences linked to learning.  Research, and experience, shows us that children will find life more challenging when not given the opportunity to develop their cultural capital. 

Therefore, we enrich our curriculum with more than just teaching knowledge.  We offer young people the chance to immerse themselves into experiences where they can take the curriculum and apply it in various cultural and social contexts. 

Below is our Cultural Enrichment Journey.  This details the experiences pupils at Green Oaks will encounter as they travel through the school.   


(Whilst we have mapped out and projected all experiences, occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control some adaptations may take place.) 

In addition to those experiences mapped above, we are continually developing links within the local community and beyond.  Throughout their time here, pupils will encounter further enrichment opportunities as part of their class, a small group or as a team.  Our wonderful staff are always looking at ways of supporting learning and giving our pupils the best diverse range of cultural experiences possible.  A child whose learning journey is fulfilled at Green Oaks will have a varied and rich diet of opportunity to learn outside the classroom. 


“I loved the theatre, I’ve never been to London and probably would never get to go again. This has been the best day ever.” (Year 5 pupil, Wicked, Apollo Theatre, London) 

“Coming to the STEAM day, I’ve seen loads of jobs I didn’t even know there were and I’d love to come to university here.” (Year 6 pupil, STEAM Experience Day, University of Northampton) 

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